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Congressman Gene Green

Representing the 29th District of Texas

Opposing H.R. 2

September 18, 2014

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in opposition to H.R. 2, American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act. H.R. 2 is an affront to the bipartisan work that we’ve done in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Over the place year, the members of the Committee have worked together in an effort to craft legislation that will support the dramatic energy renaissance the U.S. is experiencing.Unfortunately, H.R. 2 is a not reflective of any of the hard work we’ve put in. Instead working to improve the decision-making made by federal agencies, H.R. 2 seeks to eliminate federal authority.

Instead of expediting export permits, H.R. 2 opens the door to sending U.S. gas to countries that are not even our allies.

Instead of respecting the balance we’ve worked so hard to establish between states and the federal government, H.R. 2 rescinds all authority for our government in state affairs.

It is my hope that we would stop wasting time on bills that have no bipartisan support and work together to pass legislation in a bipartisan fashion. Everyone, Democrat and Republican, has acknowledged that the energy sector is common ground.We might not always agree on which mix of fuels will best serve our country but we can agree that the energy sector is vital to our economy and independence.

The bills included in H.R. 2 include bills that I have co-sponsored and worked hard to craft with my Republican and Democratic colleagues. It is disappointing that the Leadership would use this window of opportunity to pass bills that harm our environment, create uncertainty in our economy and ultimately delay job growth and energy development.

In the Energy and Commerce Committee, we will continue to work across party lines to draft legislation that solves the problems of the American people and American industry. We will work to ensure the Environmental Protection Agency is promulgating rules that make sense on an economic as well as environmental front. We will work to support our natural resources sector and send American gas and refined products overseas to the benefit of the U.S. economy and balance of trade.

All of these things will garner bipartisan support and establish the U.S. and North American as the world leader in energy.

I yield back.