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Congressman Gene Green

Representing the 29th District of Texas

Federal Government Investments in the 29th Congressional District

December 19, 2007
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congress has approved funding for several projects in the 29th Congressional District that are vital for transportation, health, commerce, education and other sectors.


The funding was included in a consolidated appropriations bill (H.R. 2764) that provides money to keep the government running through FY2008. The President is expected to sign the bill soon.


29th Congressional District projects included in the bill are:


HoustonMETRO – $19.6 million to continue the implementation of rail and bus rapid transit portions of METRO Solutions, including the North and Southeast light rail lines.


HarrisCountyTransit Enhancement Study - $100,000 for economic development studies related to two community transit enhancement projects: San Jacinto North/Northshore Transit Circulator and Galena Park Transit Connector.


Gateway to Care – $219,000 to facilitate the development of community-based health centers.


Harris County Hospitals Diabetes Program - $404,000 to purchase equipment for comprehensive diabetes care in Harris County.


Houston YMCA Juvenile Justice Outreach - $446,500 for juvenile justice programs operated by the YMCA of Greater Houston to combat youth crime, gang activity and to encourage community involvement.


Harris Co Sheriff’s Office - $2.232 million to provide sheriff’s officers with mobile data computers with two-way remote access and in-car digital video cameras to link with license plate recognition technology and improve interoperability.


Greens Bayou - $480,000 will help conclude the study portion of the flood control project, which is now fast approaching its construction phase. The Greens Bayou project has a high 3.7 benefit to cost ratio, and in 2001 over 15,000 homes in this watershed flooded in Tropical Storm Allison.


HoustonShip Channel - $16.9 million will be used to keep the channel at its authorized depth, which is critical to keeping the channel navigable for the tankers that bring in crude oil to our refineries.


HoustonShip Channel - $15.7 million will go towards important environmental restoration work in the deepening and widening project.


And from the Department of Defense appropriations bill:

Universityof Houston– Consortium for Nanotechnology in Aerospace Commerce and Technology (CONTACT) - $2.4 million for research, development and commercialization of nanomaterials.