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Congressman Gene Green

Representing the 29th District of Texas

Rep. Green Announces Funding for Houston Water Projects

November 7, 2003
Press Release
Washington, DC - Rep. Gene Green (D-Houston) announced that funding for three ongoing Houston water projects has been secured in HR 2754, the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act of 2003.  The Houston ship channel deepening and widening project, Hunting Bayou Federal flood control project and Greens Bayou Federal flood control project all secured additional funds.
The Houston Ship Channel Deepening and Widening Project received $35.5 million for the Houston Ship Channel construction, $16.8 million more than the Presidents budget, but $12.5 million less than the $48 million requested by Congressman Green and other Texas Members. 
$48 million is the amount necessary to complete the project on schedule, said Rep. Green. I will continue to push for an additional $12.5 million from the Corps of Engineers in construction funding to the Ship Channel so that the project can be completed on time. 
In past years, the Corps diverted, or reprogrammed, Ship Channel funds away from the project, but has promised to repay those funds.
The Hunting Bayou Federal Flood Control Project received $750,000 for construction, in addition to the $2 million obtained in 2003. This additional funding will allow construction on this critical project to go forward. 
This project benefits lower-income areas on the northeast side of Houston, reducing the number of homes in the 100-year flood plain from 5,500 to 800, added Green. The stakes are high. More then 8,000 homes and apartments flooded during Tropical Storm Allison in the Hunting Bayou watershed.
The total cost of the project, estimated to be complete in 2012, will be $90 million for Harris County Flood Control and $90 million for the Army Corps of Engineers.
The Greens Bayou Federal Flood Control Project Study phase secured $774,000 to complete the study work for the Greens Bayou project, known as a General Reevaluation Review.  In addition, the President requested $774,000 for Greens Bayou in the budget in March 2003.
This northeast Harris County watershed experienced the worst flooding in Tropical Storm Allison with more then 15,500 homes and apartments flooded, and this project is necessary to mitigate the impact of future flooding.