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Congressman Gene Green

Representing the 29th District of Texas

Social Security Administration response to request for Baytown office inadequate

April 10, 2008
Press Release
Houston, TX - U.S. Rep. Gene Green (D-Texas) reiterated his request for a Social Security office in the underserved Baytown community today after learning of an SSA plan to move the Pasadena office closer to Baytown this spring.


Green requested a new Social Security office for Baytown in January after hearing from constituents that the Pasadena office was overburdened and not easily accessible to Baytown residents. The SSA responded with a plan to move the Pasadena office “east of the current location and closer to Beltway 8,” but Green replied in today’s letter that moving the office would probably increase rather than decrease the number of people seeking service at the facility.


“My concern is that the Pasadena Social Security Office, which also serves Baytown and the surrounding areas, is overwhelmed,” Green said. “Adding an office in Baytown would benefit not only Baytown residents who currently face a long commute to the nearest facility, but also Pasadena residents whose local office would see a significant reduction in wait times.”


The SSA’s response to Green’s initial request for a new office suggested that residents use “electronic service options” from home. It also said representatives from the local office could provide “alternative service” to individuals who couldn’t travel to Pasadena, conduct business over the phone or use electronic services.


Green remained skeptical, pointing out that many senior citizens haven’t adapted to newer technologies and prefer to conduct business in person. He also questioned the feasibility of “alternative service” such as personal visits while Social Security personnel are having trouble just managing the current workload. 


“We understand that the SSA has been underfunded for many years; however, basic needs of the community such as receiving timely and efficient service at a local Social Security office should be a priority for the SSA as well,” Greens said in his letter. “Therefore, we respectfully request that you open a new Social Security office in Baytown, Texas.”