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Congressman Gene Green

Representing the 29th District of Texas

Speaking Out About Seniors Concerns

December 12, 2005
Press Release
Houston, TX-Congressman Gene Green (D-Texas) today held a press conference in order to highlight senior citizens frustrations with the Medicare Prescription Drug plan,  Rep. Gene Green outlined steps Congress should take to help seniors navigate the plan.  Rep. Greens proposals also included changes Congress should make to the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to improve coverage for seniors.
Ive received numerous calls from constituents who are very concerned about the new prescription drug plan and after going through it myself I cant say I blame them, said Congressman Gene Green.  With over 40 plans to choose from in Texas, 22 in Harris County alone and numerous private insurers offering plans themselves we have sent our seniors into a giant labrynth with little chance of getting out.
After visiting with senior citizen centers over the past couple of days, Congressman Gene Green has decided that Congress needs to step in and take action to help seniors make the best decision. 
Given the enormity of this decision and seniors inability to change plans until next year,  Congressman Gene Green added.  Congress needs to extend the May 15, 2006 deadline by which seniors must enroll before they are penalized.  Id also like to see the deadline extended for dual-eligibles.  Most importantly, Congress needs to make the changes to the program that will provide seniors better prescription drug prices and bridge the coverage gaps in the current program, what we call the donut hole. 
In the New Year, we hope to move forward on legislation to remedy many of the problems with the Medicare prescription drug benefit, concluded Congressman Gene Green.  This is not the prescription drug coverage we want for our seniors, and Congress should take steps to fix the problem.